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Diversity and opportunity in the coaching profession
Working towards spaces and practices that allow people to be welcome, safe, heard and equal.

Coaches are more diverse than you might think, and the diversity of our profession adds to the richness of what coaches as a whole offer our clients and their organisations and systems. But whenever biased or narrow views exist, such as who makes a great coach, or which coaches are deemed suitable to include in a coach-matching process, then we are all damaged, and most particularly those coaches who are excluded or ignored.

Attending to issues of social justice is as important a task for the profession as for our clients.

This webinar offers another much-needed opportunity that we can all naturally choose to be involved in, to help us see ourselves more clearly and to identify opportunities for widening practices and spaces for coaching and for coaches.

The questions which we have asked our speakers to address, are questions which every coach - regardless of who we are - can usefully explore.

Please see our panel guests below.


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Zahida Din
I will be speaking from my experience as a British Asian woman who has been coaching women of colour.
Paul Roberts
I will be speaking from my experience of life as a gay man and how this impacts my identity as a coach.
Tameeka Smith
I will be speaking of my experience of the lack of diversity within the coaching profession and how I sometimes feel like a 'token' when coaching for large organisations.
Daisy Welland
I will be speaking from my experience of being a neurodiverse coach and what this means for my coaching journey.
Haseena Farid
I will be co-moderating this webinar. I am a Professional Executive Coach (AoEC Accredited) and Fundraising Consultant. I have two decades of experience in fundraising, leadership and building teams, specialising in the cultural, not-for-profit and creative sectors. A second generation British-Bangladeshi woman; I am passionate about inclusive leadership and creating purposeful and impact-driven organisations, and am Co-Founder of The Women of Colour Global Network, a membership network connecting professional women of colour to support their advancement.
John Gray
I will be co-moderating this webinar. I am an experienced Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, and Organisational Development Consultant. I bring a particular specialism in coaching in the not-for-profit sectors (health, statutory, charitable); and I also bring a particular interest in incorporating climate crisis awareness into organisations and leadership.